Vihara yathra

Some of these associations are ethnic based but majority of the cities have associations which cater to all people having a link with Sri Lanka regardless of their ethnic or political orientation E.

It is the object of a part of the Pali canonthe Vinaya Pitaka or "basket of monastic discipline". At some stage of Buddhism, like other Indian religious traditions, the wandering monks of the Sangha dedicated to asceticism and the monastic life, wandered from place to place.

The westerners and their henchmen henchwomen. As the organisers have stated in their leaflet a Buddhist state does not mean a state of the Buddhists. By the time we finished breakfast it was 10am. It is the greatest of all the yatras. This may have led to the development of viharas as shelters for monks, and evolution in the Ashrama concept to agraharas or Hindu monasteries.

I told everybody not to talk loudly. We returned to Munnar after having some amazing snap session and had a heavy dinner some non-veg restaurant and had deep sleep. While we condemn the violence at elections we should not allow the others however big and strong they may be to interfere in our affairs.

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The interesting thing is that we saw some elephants dropping there and while coming back. It is well known that when the Muslims who were living in the country were threatened by the Portuguese it was the Sinhala Buddhist king Senerath who settled them in some parts of the present Eastern province.

The temple is on Amarnath mountain and Amarnath caves are most famous shrines in Hinduism. Later it referred to a form of temple or monastery construction in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism, wherein the design has a central hall and attached separated shrines for residence either for monks or for gods, goddesses and some sacred figure such as Tirthankaras or the Buddha or a Guru.

Suddenly I found a herd of elephants near to the road. Most of the problems in the country are due to the manipulations in the fields of politics, economics and culture and hence it is necessary that a freedom struggle is launched to win real independence to the country.

A person who campaigns for a Buddhist state may be branded as a fundamentalist in addition to being called a "jathivadiya". The Sri Lankan government encourage Sri Lankan expatriates to obtain the citizenship of their country of birth [17] at a fee and to return to Sri Lanka at a future date.

The front wall had one or more entrances, and often a verandah. The education given was Christian and was not only used as a means of conversion but as a way of thinking.

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Unfortunately for them there are no secular states in the world. It has to be pointed out that the kings in Sri Lanka, not the invaders, had been Buddhists and the Buddhist state first established in Bharat by the king Dharmashoka had taken roots in Sri Lanka from the time of king Devanampiyatissa.

We are almost 2-hours late because of the rain. Viharas as pleasure centers[ edit ] During the 3rd-century BCE era of Ashokavihara yatras were travels aimed at enjoyments, pleasures and hobbies such as hunting.

Sri Lankan Canadians

Antarvedi Tourism And Boating. Boat Office,Sri Vasishta vihara yatra, Opp Sri Laxmi Narismha Swamy Temple, Near Water Tank Antar, East Godavari, APIN.

vihara yatra (My Collections) No posts. No posts. About Buddhist Maha Vihara Sinhalese community founded this Buddhist site to provide a place where devotees can worship in the Sri Lankan Theravada tradition. Buddhist Maha Vihara was founded in by the oldest registered Buddhist society in Klang Valley i.e.

Dec 08,  · Godavari Vihara Yatra Sponsored By Jakka Family Members, Rajahmundry.

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The fourteenth century Lankatilaka Vihara is said to have been established by King Bhuvanekabahu IV who ruled the Sinhalese country during the thirteenth century. Kiran, Ramesh, Hemanth, Myself, Gurivi, Ajay My room mates were interested in going to some place near Bangalore.

I planned for Mekedatu, this was long pending trip and we postponed it many times.

Vihara yathra
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