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Derivatives can be found with the tag "annoying facebook girl" on Tumblr [8]Memebase [21] and Reddit [15]where there are over results. In Februaryseveral users of the Eastern Illinois University Facebook Meme Page commented on an Annoying Facebook Girl image [22] stating that they knew the girl in the photograph.

This adverse effect is explained by the fact that using mobile phones for social networking activities may involve multitasking, and all students are not equally efficient in multitasking skills. He further adds that although time spent on social media and academic performance is negatively correlated, this relationship in real world scenarios does not seem to be a major hurdle in academic success.

Bea, Stephanie Crisanda V. Try using these throws in a superset with the bench press and watch yourself power through the lockout. They further state that the possibility of some other factors like social media addiction, more time on internet, chatting, cognitive absorption etc.

Through tracer study, an institution able to evaluate the quality of education given to their graduates by knowing the graduates placements and positions in the society which later can be used as a benchmark in producing more qualified and competitive graduates.

Horine, 22 Purpose determines the thrust and direction of a system input, on the other hand, is characterized as the primary element that motivates an action of a system. Based from the related materials found no study has found out to study on the same topic except for the books that cater to its parts, many have studied about the employment status, job satisfaction and the factors affecting job performances.

The students had to establish some summaries of the discussions made on the forum. The review has analysed massive research database around the world to make this review comprehensive in its coverage for almost all aspects of an endeavor to give an explanation for the diverse roles of Facebook in higher education classes.

The objective of the study was to find correlations among friendship, advice and adversarial factors and student academic performance. However it is not that popular among educational setups.

Philippine society nowadays has encountered so many problems in terms of labor or employment. Knowingly that it is very hard to find a job suitably to their graduated course right away after graduation that may cause to trigger them to work not aligned to the profession they graduate for their usual reason is the salary that they can get right away.

Most of the researchers have created more questions that finding answers.

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Friendship is psychologically associated with companionship which gives individuals a better chance of accessing support and information on problems. The study suggests that students must be encouraged to use social networking sites for educational purposes instead of blocking these platforms in the educational premises.

Like many other studies, this research effort also took Facebook into consideration to establish its findings.

20 Facebook Groups for Writers You Don’t Want to Miss

Chand conducted an investigation on the popularity of famous social media network Facebook among university students with a special concern for the gender-based comparison and the effect of the selected social medium on their academic performance.

If you have any aspirations of being fast or athletic, this movement is a must for your training program. Students were grouped into 14 teams to discuss various questions based on management information system cases in an online forum specifically set up for the purpose.

Equally, the study collects opinion regarding students and their Facebook impacts on their academic performance. Sanches and Fe B. The snatch from the floor takes a ton of mobility at both the hips and ankles, and for many athletes this is an area that requires a serious intervention.


There are suggestions that students in college use Facebook in chatting with friends and professors as a way of getting knowledge, be informed, get support and obtain social acceptance that may cause higher levels of their satisfaction with college life and proficiency in performance consequently.

Friendship is psychologically associated with companionship which gives individuals a better chance of getting support and information on problems. This qualitative research collected data on student respondents through a self-administered questionnaire and analyzed this data to make observations on the use of social networking sites among them.

Most of the studies chosen have been published in the past four to five years. This requires you to resist a tremendous eccentric force, so prepare to feel it in the old hammies tomorrow. In the findings of the study found out that, employers prefer specialists rather than generalists and the employers find the graduates effective, efficient and cooperative.

Related Literature Tracer study is an approach which widely being used in most organization especially in the educational institutions to track and to keep record of their students once they have graduated from the institution.

Literature review; Effects of Facebook on Students’ Academic performance

An article was published on Urlesque [3] a week later, linking to the Memegenerator [18] page. The researchers find out that when it comes to level of job satisfaction, honor graduates are found to be satisfied with their current job.

Transverse plane power is necessary for nearly every athlete, from the high level football player during a change of direction to the beer league softball player-during all non-beer drinking activities.

Only athletes that have sufficient mobility should try pulls from a deficit. This research is more important due to the fact that distance learning is totally dependent on social networking technologies like Facebook.

This research tackles about the tracer study that uses as a method in which is primarily intended to locate graduates of academic institution, past recipient of scholarship grants, former participants and among other situation in order to collect data and update information about this type of people.

Colorado Springs, CO Additionally, the adverse effects of Facebook on academic performance contribute to the opinion that use of Facebook makes it hard for them to perform the best on their career performance. Using the illustration of the Theoretical Framework that can be asserted that the student get lots of experiences during stay in school.

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Association for Information Systems AIS Electronic Library (AISeL) AMCIS Proceedings Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) Facebook: A literature review Show all authors.

Ralf Caers.

Ralf Caers. See all articles by this author. Search Google Scholar for this Hoy, M, Milne, G () Gender differences in privacy-related measures for young adult Facebook users.

Annoying Facebook Girl is an advice animal character based on a photograph of a teenage girl rolling her eyes with her mouth agape, accompanied by a blue and white color wheel background. In the image macro series, the character is portrayed as an obnoxiously hyperactive user of social media platforms who overshares too much.

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Related literature about facebook
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