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This quote is one that the reader should analyze highly when reading. Playing the piano is not only fun and entertaining, it also provides great exercise for your brain. This would give me an opportunity to help out pupils from the school like prefects have helped me.

In fact, pediatric researchers have found evidence that when a child begins learning to play the piano, or takes up any type of musical instrument, this stimulates certain areas of the brain that controls their fine motor skills, memory and speech.

Multiple motifs are brought about again and again up until the final page. In return, the experience gained would be great. Slowly, the Nurse begins to speak of Romeo. I am smart in appearance, very social and attentive. He exclaims "Holy Saint Francis, what a change is here.

Love is, of course, the more positive idea brought to mind when compared to death in Romeo and Juliet. Music notation also challenges a piano student to determine how long notes must be played for, how many beats there are in a measure, and which note gets one beat during that measure.

A University of California at Irvine study showed that kids who took piano lessons along with computer puzzle-solving did better in math.

Romeo and Juliet

Juliet immediately realizes that her encounter with Romeo will lead to a terrible fate. For so many people, having music in their lives means having a piano in their homes.

She finally tells Juliet all that In fact, researchers probing the inner workings of the brain have found neural firing patterns that bear a remarkable resemblance to music—suggesting that music may hold the key to higher brain function.

Studies also suggest that children as young as four years old can enjoy a lifetime of benefits from early exposure to piano, singing, guitar and other types of music lessons.

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Of these motifs, Love and Death are highly illuminated; they ultimately show that love can be surrounded by death and hatred.

Juliet is frantically awaiting the news about Romeo. She wants to discuss her aching bones, but Juliet pleads with her not to withhold Romeo's plan any longer. This position would allow me to give something back to the school after four years of being guided by different prefects and teachers of Greensprings School.

If given the position of prefect, I will be representing the school, the teachers and my peers and will have to set a good example by presenting the right image. The self-discipline and determination needed to practice a piano regimen on a regular basis gives children a special awareness about the process of learning that carries over into their school lives.

Other scientists are coming up with similar results. Among older Americans, according to a Michigan State University research effort, keyboard lessons significantly reduced anxiety, depression and loneliness.

The same way your muscles can benefit from resistance or cardiovascular exercises, practicing the piano for just 20 minutes a day can help keep you mentally fit. For example, a recent study at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, demonstrated that grade-school children who took piano lessons for three years scored higher than their peers on tests of general and spatial cognitive development—the very faculties needed for performance in math, engineering and other pursuits.

Friar Laurence agrees to help Romeo, hoping that their union will finally end the feud between the houses of Montague and Capulet. Friar Laurence, who has been Romeo's friend and confessor for some time, is confused and concerned about Romeo's sudden change of heart.

I would work well with other prefects, as I have She says that she doesn't much care for the boy, but she approves of his handsome face and gentle nature.

Why is Medik8 different?

Learning to play the piano typically requires a student to read music notation written on a staff and interpret the correct keys to play on their piano keyboard. It would allow me to become a mature and a responsible person carrying out important duties. The Nurse comes in, preoccupied with her own troubles.

When you sit on that bench and open the keyboard cover, you tap into a powerful way to communicate emotion, enliven a gathering or just relax. I feel that the role of a prefect is perfectly suited for me. Cheerful and excited, Romeo greets the Friar and tells him of his new love and plans for marriage.

But Romeo persuades the Friar that this time he has found true love and that he is ready to enter immediately into the serious bond of holy matrimony. One of the very first moments where love is truly sought into is in the first scene of the book. It would be a privilege to be representing the pupils in the school and helping out the teachers.

The classic tale of love is about two families, the Montague family and Capulet family, torn apart by and old rivalry, and a boy and girl in love. It would be an honour for me to carry out this role and fulfill all its duties to the best of my ability.

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Nov 04,  · Home Essays add me kik:: e7sas_mino0ona. add me kik:: e7sas_mino0ona It would be an honour for me to carry out this role and fulfill all its duties to the best of my ability.

I feel that the role of a prefect is perfectly suited for me. This. As a HNC Health Care student I am required to provide evidence of the following principal aims and objectives: to integrate knowledge, theory and practice, to develop and apply a broad knowledge and skills and to have an individual patient/client focus in my practice.

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